About us

Shuban physiopedia a brainchild of Dr Biplab Nandi. This unique venture pioneered the domain of MPT entrance coaching in 2016.

 Since then it was a never turn back and it went on adding many success stories to its glorious achievements.

Our vision is to impart the best knowledge in our students which would help them not only to crack various entrance examinations but also help them shine in their professional life.

We inculcate in our students a focused mind, a clear vision, photons of knowledge, high competitive spirit, self belief and boost of confidence. This positive aura and tireless efforts of our students and our team is the master key for our glorious success

Physio class B 2019
Physio class A 2019
Dr Nandi is an excellent tutor who is very knowledgeable and conveys her knowledge of complex material in a manner easily understandable. Highly recommended.

Neha Singh

Student, Batch 2019
Physio class B 2019

What makes us different?

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Courses offered with 5 world languages and 120 electives.
Countries represented by over 2500 Students.
International Students with 8% under Cultural Council.
Teaching faculty with 80 men and 100 women.
Students receive financial aid and selected via entrance test.
Students teacher ratio, for proper attention on child.

We work hard to prepare every student for their professional life

Our Classes offer a good compromise between the continuous assessment favoured by some students and the emphasis placed on final exams by others.